Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wii (are not) Fit

I really want to get the game that will say---when I get on the balance board "you're fat"; because I won't take it personally from a machine. I don't think the game will say "get off your fat ass and exercise" nor will it follow me around the house with a pair of Nikes and my Oprah-approved exercise bra. It doesn't do that. If it did I'd own it already. What this game does do is measure your weight and senses your form in a series of home workouts.

I am obsessed, have signed up for the email alerts of in-stock Wii's and I have become one of THOSE PEOPLE who are (guiltily, mind you) stalking the web for a piece of plastic that will become obsolete in 5 years.

I've had some measure of success. The Fit game and balance board are on the way to us. My friend C said that ordering the Fit without the Wii reminds her of the time she bought a whole TV series in VHS 2 years before she bought the VCR. But C doesn't quite understand that Whoozyermama gets what she wants and I also want this to aid Whoozyerbaby in acquiring her first laughter-induced side-stitch (I wonder how many times the Mom in the video accidentally hit the baby in the head. Note to self, buy baby helmet.)Nothing is better than the sound of your childrens' laughter.

So for Father's Day and my birthday Whoozyerdaddy and I are gifting ourselves with a Wii. We can't wait! We envision family bowling and pizza nights, inviting friends over to play and have vowed to only buy active games that are designed to improve the body and/or mind. Maybe this is the thing that will help me to get back my pre-Whoozyerkid body and mind. (Wishful thinking, that).

Stay tuned as I stalk the stocking. Retail is $249 for the console and we will not pay a penny more. This is the first time I have engaged in this type of market-driven frenzy and I will NOT meet Mr X in the Best Buy parking lot to make an extra-inflated purchase--nor will I camp out or call stores at opening. Or will I? Freaking Nintendo...

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