Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy Crap, People!

All I can say is you better like your Christmas presents. I'm MAKING them this year...

And boy am I tired.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethical Shopping versus Financial Survival

I think you guys have known this about me; I have had my proverbial panties in a wad for years now. Corporate America is evil and money-grubbing and has undermined the foundation that We the People have built--small business, the mommas and the poppas of retail, the American Gothic-esque farms. As a result, I have tried to support the little guy. I have tried to put things on or in my body and the bodies of my dear family that are healthy, organic and natural.

But--IT IS KICKING MY ASS!!!! And I am falling for Walmart. Cheap, cheap Walmart. Mason jars and bamboo paper towel holders are there just for the inexpensive taking. Friends, please talk me down. And China---people are losing their jobs in China, too. It's a GLOBAL economy, right? Right? I should care about the jobless in China too. Or perhaps we no longer vote with our wallets.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Mermaid and a Sock Monkey Walk into a bar...

I mean obviously--NOT, right? Mermaids have fins, no? One doesn't walk with fins. OK---so the sock monkey and the mermaid are not of age--a minor (no pun intended) detail in this age of advanced technology.

I do want to touch upon one SMALL detail. Check out Whoozyerkid's fantabulous handmade costume that I got on Etsy. The skin-colored leotard DID NOT come with it. And the child model on the Etsy product page sported her own bikini top sans bodysuit.The back of the top cinches like a corset. What mom dresses her four-year-old as a hoochie-mermaid on All-Hallow's Eve? Not I.