Sunday, September 6, 2009

Green Smoothie Redemption

Whoozyerbaby has a thing for Spinach Smoothies. I am hoping that this penchant for pureed fruits and veggies cancels out the occasional jaunt under the golden arches and not the other way around.

Whoozyerkid won't go anywhere near a green smoothie but Whoozyerbaby insists on her OWN cup and uses it--apparently--as a prop and (efficiently) as costuming in her choreographed dance through our 50's retro kitchen.

Meet Whoozyerkid's lovely assistant, Whoozyerdog, who tolerates his forced participation in the act:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blech Pooey. Literally.

Why did I do it? Why? Two little bags---with crafts and activities, filled with fries and chock full of chicken (?) nuggets. I was pressed for time and HUNGRY and all I could think about was a quick meal. I was good. I ate half of my shit burger and saved the other half for WhoozyerDaddy. I then proceeded to wolf down half of Whoozyerbaby's chicken McFillerNuggets. I was on a roll. Or the rolls were on me. Still.

Today I gave Whoozyerkid "lunch money". Against my better judgement. Conceptually I know that the school lunch is crap. Most of the time I am a walking nutrition lecture. Today I am a hypocrite. But tomorrow is a new day and dinner is a new meal. Mama is gonna hide some spinach somehow and get Whoozyerkid to eat it. More on that later...