Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Tidbit.

It was family reunion time at the Coloma Country Inn last weekend. The fall leaves were out and my aunts and uncles and a couple of cousins were there--mostly from Central and Southern California soaking in the colors of a Northern Californian October. Whoozyerdaddy and I also got out for a rare date to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary during which I got to remember in the midst of all of the choas that is our lives right now that I love that man, he makes me laugh.

My mom and Aunt C don't remember exactly which bed it was but apparently in a moment of desperation whilst touring Hearst Castle their guide gave them the nod to slip off silently and change my diaper on one. They left the group, a blowout requiring my mom's immediate attention while Aunt C went along for support (I'm thinking, more, the lookout!). Really, my bare little (at the time) booty touched rich brocade draped on a bed transported from Versailles where perhaps even King Louis XIV once snoozed---or upon where maybe, just maybe Marie Antoinette uttered "Let them eat cake."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Whoozyerdaddy and I had a conversation almost entirely in spelling this evening. Whoozyerkid, who isn't even 4 yet, having heard and sponged the whole conversation said "Mom, you guys are being C-R-A-P-P-Y".

Time for pig Latin...

This may seem odd to some of you but I'm shouting out to the universe for my techie-homie.

My friend "R" reads my blog and I don't want to call him at work seeing as he works for one of those stressed out agencies bailed out recently. I don't seem to have his email anywhere. He's just somewhere in the cyberworld and I need him. My computer is pulling some crazy stunts and he can tell me WTF it won't restart or download new programs or do Windows update or make me a martini. "R" --call me babe. Mama needs you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Whoozyermama's First Soap...

This was a quick photo taken at night of MY FIRST SOAP because--dammit---that's the only time I have right now.

Well folks, so far I have made three batches of soap and I haven't burned my face off!!!! Thank God. I really love having a face. It works for me. I am enjoying my newfound role as Whoozyersoapmistress---lurking down to the basement, donning goggles, gloves, sweatshirt and pants, calf-length Costco shearling boots and respect for the "VIP". Lori Nova, my teacher and soap sensei likens lye to a Very Important Person (I imagine a volatile pimp)at a dating party. You handle the VIP with kid-gloves, you make sure there is a surplus of interesting and attractive dates for him at the party (more oil than the lye can saponify). You combine the oil and lye and you stir with a stick blender until the mixture resembles a light custard. You then mix in any scent and color and oh-so-carefully-because-you-like-having-a-face pour the fragrant mixture into a lined mold. You wrap your raw soap in old blankets "putting the party to bed" to mingle and synergize and then harden. 24 hours later you loosen the block of soap from the mold and cut it into bars. In a couple of days you can trim it up and make it pretty. About 5 weeks later you have a lathering bar, a keepsake from the party in the basement. Which beats a battered lampshade any day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hey Whoozyerbaby!!!!!

"Are you coming after Mama?" I asked.

"Yeah." said Whoozyerbaby.

And I have a witness. Whoozyerbabysitter II heard the same thing. She is equally amazed and astounded. "No effing way! Did she really say that?" I asked. "Uh huh" affirmed the sitter, eyes wide.

In other news check out Whoozyerbaby's fabulous, adorable, cute new tooth that has already more than grazed my nipple.