Monday, June 23, 2008

Angels and Demons...

My kids clearly already adore one another. I hope. This festive background is the carpeting at "Pump it up"---a bouncy-house extravaganza for young and old; Whoozyerkid was invited to a birthday party for Little Miss R.

In the midst of all of this excitement Whoozyerkid decided to love up Whoozyerbaby. Either this was genuine love or:
Whoozyerkid overheard a conversation I had with another mom in which she noted that ALL of her kids get RINGWORM EVERY TIME they go to "Pump it Up" and so Whoozyerbigsister decided that she would make Whoozyerbaby suffer at all costs ( I highly doubt this but one never knows...).

My firstborn is super-affectionate. When parents at Whoozyer Montessori School pick up their own progeny Whoozyerkid is the first one to greet that parent---with a big hug. Whoozyerkid told some random lady at Trader Joe's that she loved her and asked ever so sweetly if she could give her a kiss. Her hugs are ferocious and fervent. Her declarations of love and like are heard by those who are close to her throughout every day. My kid loves hard.

My first born is usually a sweet little angel OR a little demon. On the same day as the "Pump it Up" party we were invited to the "after party" at the birthday girl's house. I was pushing it on the whole bedtime thing and Whoozyerkid had that wired, tired energy. I took her kicking and screaming to the Odyssey and she was jostling to bite me the whole way so we were playing some kind of mid-air Twister. I got her in the carseat and once I had her restraint harness buckled I told her "don't even THINK about biting me." With a crazed "Bride of Chucky" growl she demanded "Give me your arm mom, I am GOING to BITE YOU!!!"

So---let's hope that Whoozyerkid's love for her sister stays fervent and and beautiful and innocent and the magical stuff of bosom buddies--and that Whoozyerbaby keeps her sweet disposition and her high physical energy (so that she can run when she sees Miss. Hyde).


DoulaDee said...

Great picture!! :-)

If they are anything like my sisters, they will do there best to kill each other as children...but as adults, they will be best friends.

Good luck.

sarah (aka: Molly's Mom) said...

Woo- Hoo I made it in the Blogger! The girls will have their moments when they are the best of friends and the worst of enemys- but in the end just like douladee said ".....but as adults, they will be the best friends!"

Gimme a call sometime :) I will miss you this Thursday.

Love the pic!

Shaken Mama said...

That is freaking hilarious, her asking you to give her your arm. I'm so glad I don't have the only psycho in the neighborhood...

"Chebbles, do you want a timeout?"

Shit, she outplayed me.