Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More than a bad hair day

There's only one word to describe the haircut that Whoozyerkid gave herself and that is "mullet".

"How did this happen?", you may ask. Things that Whoozyerkid can damage herself with are generally kept out of her reach so there are times when she's in another room. Whoozyerbabysitter and I were putting away groceries (she stayed late to let me go to Trader Joe's while Whoozyerbaby napped, bless her.) and it was strangely quiet, which is ALWAYS A BAD SIGN.
Today I am in mourning for those beautiful brown curls. So hard-won, so long in the making. And now Whoozyerkid will have to wear a clippy to identify her gender and people will still think she's a boy...even when she's wearing pink.

Heavy sigh.

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Jen said...

I too have a daughter who's been asked repeatedly, "what's your name, little boy?", despite her being dressed in super pink. We are a part of the follicle-challenged group of people who have amazingly little hair on our heads. Welcome to the club!:)