Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If only it were that easy

Apparently you can acquire superpowers by following this routine:
  1. Place sticker that says "Great Job!" upside-down on forehead.
  2. Do not remove or forfeit said superpowers.
  3. Do not remove necklace. It was a gift from the very generous heart of internationally-reknowned superfriend Chebbles. Note: wearing this multicolored adornment bandolier-style a la "Annie Get Your Gun" makes you a real bad-ass.

Up next: What daring feats does Whoozyersuperkid perform? Whoozyersuperbaby dares Whoozyersuperkid to a death-defying body fold during which an ENTIRE FOOT will be placed in her mouth. Stay tuned while evilgenius Whoozyermama cowers under a dining room chair and considers the germ-killing properties of all-natural, non-toxic mouthwash for kids. Will Whoozyersuperkid swish and spit or will she swallow?

1 comment:

DoulaDee said...

LMAO! You are TOO funny. :-)