Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom Shoes.

Stillettos and kitten heels are for idiots. For the most part high heel lovers are idiots who like pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny. Or--as a high heel fan you have a high pain threshold and you're really short. Or, you're passive/agressive and married to Tom Cruise who is very, very short.

High heels at one time made a woman stand out by adding a few inches to her stature. Now, I think short is the new tall. Everybody---repeat after me---short is the new tall. It's hot. It's in limited supply. Think about it. Ruminate on the fact that there's no accessory that will make you shorter. Short people have something that no tall person can achieve; a view from the ground. A lot goes on down here. Not that I'm short. But I'm not tall. As a mom I spend a lot of time on the ground. I know what goes on there. It can be fascinating.

OK, OK. I like how heels look on me. But having children ruined me for heels. Ruined. Me. My arches are as flat (and as stinky) as a slice of cheese.

These are my favorite shoes:

Let me tell you that I panicked and searched high and low when those shoes went AWOL and---after weeks of looking and having almost resolved myself to purchasing another pair found that I had left them at my folks'. Two hours away.

Need I say more? Go ahead. Tell me... pull from that place in your heart for shoes--you know, that spot that in some way is connected to a nerve ending in your foot per the ancient art of relexology. And yes--the girl whose feet hurt after a jaunt anywhere---just anywhere for any length of time in heels. Find that girl inside of you and tell me; what shoes would she wear every day if she could get away with it and still be a maven of style?


kristina said...

i just bought pair of those, except that they're in reds and valour! specifically for my cold winter pregnancy

Anonymous said...

My favorite pair of shoes of all time has got to be flip flops. We used to call them thongs but since those lovely string up the bootie panties came along, I've had to ban that word from my vocabulary. I will never forget teh look on our neighbors kids face when I yelled "wait for me, I just need to get my thongs!" That was the moment I knew that word had to go! I am just like you...banned all kitten heels as soon as baby #1 arrived. Along with my skin tight jeans! Goodbye kitten, hello comfy cat!