Monday, September 8, 2008

My career as a stage-mom

I can't believe I did this.

Yes, I entered my children in a cute kid photo contest. How freaking annoying.

Even worse I am am going to ask you, Dear Reader to register and vote for my progeny:

In the little searchy-do-hickey type "Concord"

If I need to tell you who the cutest kids ARE--Whoozyerchildren are in photos M35 and M79.

Thanks, and now I must hustle the children off for acting classes, sequin John Benet-gown fittings and baton twirling for babies 101. (NOT!!!!!)



Shaken Mama said...

No way! I won't vote for yours, because I'm reserving all my power for voting for Republican children.

Mrs. Whoozyer said...

Don't you know that beauty is on the OUTSIDe, Shaken Mama. C'mon---get with the program.

Plus---remember where you come from. You haven't ALWAYS been a Republican, right? Just like deep down inside, I'm a Baptist, deep down inside you are and Independent or a Democrat--or GASP a member of the Green party, you tree-hugging conservative, you!

Mrs. Whoozyer said...

Wow---what is with the typos here? I must be giddy from the fact that my NEW NANNY is here!

kristina said...

you are evil and must be stopped.

G'Ma said...

Okay, so we are all proud of our children and think they are stars. As we should.

But, StageMom. The pictures you take are far better.

Please, please, a word about the nanny, please....