Tuesday, September 16, 2008


News, news, news; update, update update.

There's part of my brain that believes that you believe you already know everything that's going on in my life. I'm a mother of 2 small children. How exciting could Whoozyermama's life get? Here's what's going on. I am:
  • Living vicariously through my friend's escrow. She managed to sell her home in less than a week. She's on ZipRealty.com shopping for houses, analyzing school districts and finding that there's way too much to obsess over. What a great problem to have. I want to hate you, dear J, but I can't.
  • Thinking about relisting Whoozyerhouse. Will it sell?Is it worth the emotional turmoil? Who do we list it with? Can we get it on the market in time for the historical homes tour next month which our neighbor and former realtor is a part of? Do I want to do this with a crawling baby and Whoozyertasmaniandevilchild underfoot?
  • Wondering what the HELL is going on with the economy? Will I have to learn how to can vegetables and plant a victory garden? Will I have a yard in which to plant said victory garden? Will everyone lose everything except the people they love most and the Made in China shirts on their backs? Will I still have my beloved internet? A comforting thought-- for the meltdown of the world could be that people would stop texting me on my cell phone (folks, I don't have a qwerty pad and I don't plan to get a crackberry.).
  • Wondering when my job will go to Phoenix and how to prepare the inevitable "no thanks, Whoozyerlongtimeemployer, I'm a lily white girl who should never venture in your standard sun--let alone the hot Arizona desert sun" speech--which should go over fantastically with HR. This planning coincides with the logistics of how to get a soapmaking business launched in my laughable spare time and still manage to be a good mother with a good social life. I need to work from home. I need to be accessible to my family. And I like things that smell pretty.
  • Thinking about how I feel awful about hanging up on my sister the other day but still feeling too upset to do anything about it. The mother in me hopes that things will be easier for Whoozyerbaby and Whoozyerkid in their endeavors to stay connected since they have the same WhoozyerBabyDaddy and are closer in age. But, want as you may for your own children you can never control the outcome in your own family. How can we when we can't predict our own relationships? We can only hope.
  • Get back onto http://www.clix-contests.com/ and vote for Whoozyerkids---they made it into the semi semi semi (?) finals thanks to you and their cuteness, of course.
  • We have a new whoozyerbabysitter. But I'm not going to jinx it. So far, so good (knocking on wood). Another Craigslist find. And all woman (although I didn't check).
  • I have a weird cold. The cold that hopefully never becomes full blown but still makes you feel shitty. That's the cold I am hoping for.
  • We have a housecleaner every other Thursday. And she is pregnant. WTF? I didn't clean house when I was pregnant. Why should she? Should I not hire her out of principle? She's cleaning with nontoxics though. That should assuage my guilt. Just a little.
  • Whoozyerkid is flourishing at preschool. She can (sort of) write her name and is telling me all about apples and their different names--Galas, Fujis and Gravensteins. This evening she told me she wants to be a doctor when she grows up "because they have band-aids and they make you feel better." Does WhoozyerMontessori also touch upon HMOs, PPO's and deductibles for their pre-K "Explorers"? It sure would be helpful when open enrollment comes around every year. And as a doctor-hopeful she should become familiar with the system now--kind of like a second language, no? Learn it now and you will become fluent...


DoulaDee said...

OMG I'm tired just from reading this. You have a very full life...and it sounds like you are loving it.

G'Ma said...

The "mom in me" has to comment: problems are rarely resolved when one "lectures and leaves." When you open yourself up, you have to be prepared to hear the other side. Even if you disagree or it hurts.

Somewhere, in both sides, resides a kernel of truth...

Anonymous said...

sign o' the times - just pulled ubertoddler out of preschool (monetary decision) and are looking into 'downsizing' our home. where's MY economic bailout package??