Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Selling out to "The Man"

I started to write about "The Man" and discovered I was boring myself to tears discussing the fact that I have "sold out" to that man. I don't even know who "the man" is. Because I work for "the man" and have stock in "the man" does that make me "the man"? Because last time I checked I was a woman. I will spare you any posts of the "Rosie the Riveter" picture and a tome about "girl power".

But dammit, I AM the mother of girls and I am scared that one day "the man" is gonna get them too. Cuz he's mostly got everyone else. I'm reading (yeah, in my spare time) "The Host" another Bodysnatcher-type novel and it got me to thinking(dangerous stuff, that thinking---I think SMOKE is coming out of my new-mom ears); But really---aren't all of those stories regarding the posession of body and mind an allegory for something bigger? Are we a species designed really to "lease" ourselves out to others of our kind--those who are stronger, smarter, wealthier, better-looking, more unscrupulous or just "lucky"?

Are we pimping ourselves out for Mickey-D's french fries (made via DESIGN and not NATURE, Lost and Tar-jay?

I was just thinking that maybe I need to break free, break my daughter free (see TV-watching Zombie post) and garden or something. Quick---hand me a shovel. And then tell me what to do (because that's the only way we proles know how to roll).

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Anonymous said...

Why don't I look like that eating fries, before or after? Hate her!