Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry, sorry sorry

In case you were beginning to wonder if I had abandoned this blog and ultimately--you--you were wrong. I love you. How could I? You are in the back of my mind like the whisper that night breezes whooshingly caress. I have been busy making soap--and lots of it and I am NOT posting photos lest some of you get a sneak peak and get all in a lather about Christmas. I have also been wiping noses and doling doses of bubblegum medicine to a certain 4-year-old-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless.

Ace Hardware sells lye. I had to say it. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with the paragraph above (directly) but I am so incredibly happy about it. Because most hardware stores have pulled it off the shelf as those tweakers and meth makers have ruined it FOR EVERYONE (Sudafed, anyone?). And on Pacheco Avenue--in the ghetto of Tweakertown, no less. No more and $30 hazmat shipping fees--WTF? But buy all your lye before spring or be prepared to duke it out with olive tree owners said the store manager. I guess they're more dangerous than the tweakers...

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Shaken Mama said...

You're my new lye supplier! You can get some free LIES around here, if you want to hear about "when I starred in Annie" or other old ditties.

So come over whenever you can! Like now! I'll sing "Maybe" for you!