Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's ways...

"Whoozyerkid...?" I ask.

"Yes, mama?" she answers after a long exhortation of what she wants for Christmas.

"You don't need to bother with telling me what you want for Christmas because the shopping is DONE."

"What about Santa?" she quips.

"Crrrraa---imey." I answer. "He is done too. And if he is not, he can go through our house and find things that you might like and GIVE them to YOU in your stocking.

"Like chocolate soap?"

"That's right. Exactly like chocolate soap. Santa knows what you want in our house and he knows he has Mommy and Daddy's permission to give it to you so he may put something like chocolate soap in your stocking."

"That's great, Mom."

"Isn't it though?"


G'Ma said...

She just cracks me up. I had a great time just sitting and listening to her talk when we went for hot chocolate the other morning...

Aunt Bonnie said...

You are a very smart Mama/Santa!